5 Business Do’s and Don’ts

5 dos and dont biz

When you work together as a CoupleCEO, you need to have some clear Do’s and Don’ts that you follow in the office.  Working with your spouse is different from spending the day with co-workers.  You need to remind yourself to be respectful and you need to make time that is just for you.  We think you will find these tips to be very helpful in your workspace.

Business Do's and Don'ts


1. Show appropriate affection at the office

Certain PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection) can be good for the two of you, and if you have employees it reminds them that you are not only their bosses, you are a couple.  Holding hands, or a gentle touch can accomplish this.

2. Recognize strengths and weaknesses of each other

Don’t just recognize them – make a list.  Put them in writing.  It is incredibly important that you understand what each of you does well, and where your weaknesses are.  This proves helpful when you hire staff later because you will clearly see where your gaps in talent are.

3. Show same respect to partner as employees

If a co-worker in a traditional job, or an employee in your current business did something that thoroughly irritated you, you would find a way to discuss it with them in a calm, respectful manner.  Remember to provide the same level of respect to your spouse.

4. Create Apart Time at work

Remember that you eat, sleep & work together; it is your responsibility to make Apart Time.  You need to have time to think for yourself.  If you work in a shared office – step out of the office everyday separate from one another.  If you have separate offices, this will happen naturally, if you share an office you need to create the Apart time.

5. Take 20 minutes to unwind and reenergize

Your mind needs time to clear, and if you are sharing an office this can be more difficult to achieve.  Read everyday – either articles online or in trade publications that you receive.  If you unwind best by moving, then go for a walk, put in the headphones and listen to a Podcast or personal development audio.  When you come back from that 20 minutes you will be clearer in your mind and reenergized in your spirit!


1. Criticize your partner in front of employees

Your employees need to know that you are equal partners in your business.  This will be diminished immediately if you criticize your spouse in front of your employees.  Remember when parenting that you never disagreed with your spouse in front of the kids?  Same rule applies here.

2. Share work space, never share a desk or computer

If you are working from home, your space is probably tight and a bit crowded, but make sure you have 2 separate desks.  Even if the desk has to shrink in size, make it happen.  You are working together to grow the business, but you have separate tasks to accomplish and you need your space to do so.

3. Eat lunch together everyday

This “Don’t” can sometimes be a “Do”.  If you work side-by-side everyday, especially in a home-based business – Don’t eat lunch together every day.  Lunch is a perfect time to separate for a bit, grab lunch with a friend or run some personal errands. BUT if you work in an office setting where you do not communicate during the day (ie a doctor’s office) you need the lunchtime together or this necessary dialogue will sneak into the dinner hour that is a big at home Don’t!

4. Work more than 10 hours a day

There will be occasions when working extra long hours is necessary – deadlines can create this sense of urgency.  But do not allow this to become a norm.  You do not want burn out from the business, which can equate to burn out from your spouse too.  Plan your day in advance and use the tools that we recommend to insure you don’t break this rule.

5. Do chores during work hours

If you work from home, this is logical and important to remember.  Stop the laundry before you sit down at your computer. Place the dishes from lunch in the sink and wash them later, that one washed dish is likely to roll into other chores.  This also applies at an office, don’t pay bills or write to the grandkids, wait til you are done with your workday.

These simple 5 tips will help you to be a more productive, passionate and balanced Couple CEO.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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