Scott and Heidi Shimberg

A Business Full of Profit and a Relationship Filled with Passion!

Inspiring and Educating Entrepreneurial Couples to Live a Life Complete with a Business Full of Profit and a Relationship Filled with Passion, Scott and Heidi Shimberg are the authors of

"From the Bedroom to the Boardroom and Back"

Their unique and inspiring presentation style engages audiences as they explore the challenges and fulfilling lifestyle of managing an entrepreneurial business together while unlocking the potential that enriches both their business and their relationship.


"Scott and Heidi are the real deal-successful, wealthy, insightful and in love. They instantly inspired me"

Daniel Priestley, entrepreneur and author of Entrepreneur Revolution.

"Very few couples have managed to work together side by side on a daily basis and achieve tremendous success in their business as well as maintain a loving marriage. If you are trying to figure out your next step as a couple, Heidi and Scott provide a wealth of unique and valuable insights"

Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD, co-author of the award-winning book The Plastic Effect: How Urban Legends Influence the Use and Misuse of Credit Cards.

"Scott and Heidi live what they teach - they run successful businesses, they treat people with respect and integrity, and perhaps most importantly, they love & respect one another even when no one is watching. They are an inspiration both professionally and personally. If there was ever a couple to share with the world how to maintain a loving relationship and a profitable business, it would be the Shimbergs."

Topher Morrison
Best-Selling Author

"Heidi and Scott Shimberg are riveting in their authentic cuteness on stage. You laugh... you want what they have. They are articulate, insightful and inspiring. I look forward to my next opportunity to hear them at greater length! "

-Cory Bergeron
Television Spokesperson and Founder of Pitch Video
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Realize A Complete Life Where All the Pieces Fit Together

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ABOUTwho are Scott & Heidi

Together, Scott and Heidi Shimberg's company CoupleCEO inspires and educates entrepreneurial couples to live a life that is complete with a business full of profit and an relationship filled with passion.

For the past twenty years, they have built, developed and sold over a quarter of a billion dollars in real estate, while giving back to the community and enjoying a lifestyle filled with family, fun and passion.

Their mission at CoupleCEO is to inspire and educate entrepreneurial couples to live a successful life where their business and their relationship can coexist and thrive. Scott and Heidi inspire their audiences by introducing the CoupleCEO Framework, incorporating successful and sustainable strategies, bringing to life what every CoupleCEO deserves, a profitable business and a passionate relationship.