Do Your Daily Thoughts and Tasks Overwhelm You?

Do Your Daily Thoughts and Tasks Overwhelm You
Do you get overwhelmed when you think of everything that you have to do?  Do random thoughts pop up into your head, such as?


  • Something you Have to Do
  • Something you Should Do
  • Someone you Have to Call
  • Something you Have to Pick up
  • Something you Need to Start
  • Something that Needs to happen next…


Imagine if every time you had one of these random thoughts, no matter where you were, you simply pushed a button, and the thought would be captured into a Basket, to be dealt with at the right time, with the right tools, and in the proper way.


Well, that button does exist, and it’s right on the end of your iPhone.  All you need is Siri, Evernote, and your mind open and ready to capture any stray thoughts into your basket, or InBox, ready to be sorted into the proper folders at the right time.


To set up this amazing technology right away, here are a few steps to get it ready.


  • First, download your Free Evernote account.
  • Set up a Notebook called “@Inbox”
  • In Evernote, under Preferences, General, set the “by default, place new notes into the following notebook” as “@Inbox”.  (you want it to start with the ‘@’, so it will appear at the top of your notebooks)
  • Find out the email address designated for your Evernote account by going to Account Info or Preferences.  Your email address will be under “Email Notes to:”
  • Set up Evernote as a Contact on your phone.
  • Launch Siri by pressing the button on the bottom of your iPhone.
  • Say “Send email to Evernote”
  • Next, dictate your “stray thought”



That thought is now safely in your @InBox, along with your other random thoughts, waiting to be sorted into the right Buckets for later action.  You will find that the more you can utilize this process, the clearer your mind is to focus on bigger and better things.


You see, our conscious mind thinks of things with no sense of past or future.  It simply thinks of things and believes it has to be done now.An ancient saying goes like this, “Rule your mind or it will rule you”.


There is a reason that these stray thoughts pop up in your minds – there is a task to be done!  However, just because your mind brings this thought to the surface is no reason why you need to stop everything in its tracks to complete it. Unless, of course, you can simply do the task in under two minutes; then it’s done, over, and out of your mind.


Otherwise, placing the thought into an “@InBox” allows you to later sort it into the proper Bucket for later action.Review your @InBox frequently, have a routine to do this so that your Inbox doesn’t get overloaded with tasks.


In Evernote, create Notebooks for the different Buckets that your tasks should be placed into. Some examples:

  • CALLS:  All of the phone calls that need to be made.
  • EMAILS:   for all correspondence that needs to be completed.
  • ERRANDS: for everything that needs to be picked up when you’re out and about.


So, in Evernote, your @Inbox has everything waiting to be sorted.  You can easily change the notebook that each individual task is in.  In other works, you would change the “Call Keith” task from the @Inbox notebook to the CALLS notebook.


Ideally, this can be done on your computer, your iPad, your iPhone, or any Android or PC equipment as well.  Of course, it will synchronize across all of your devices automatically, keeping you in synch with your tasks and your schedule.


The beauty of this Time Management technique is that it easily harnesses technology to organize the random tasks that we must complete each and every day.

When you have time to make some calls, you don’t have to think about what to do, you simply open your CALLS notebook, and start dialing.


When you are driving around and thinking about what you are supposed to pick up, just open your ERRANDS notebook.And when you’re driving around, and a thought pops into your head, pull out your smartphone, and send Evernote a quick voice email.  It will sit in your @Inbox and wait for you to get to it, allowing your thoughts to go to bigger and better things.


Let us know how it works for you.  For more insights into Time Management techniques and other useful strategies, check out our CoupleCEO community.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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