Easy, Healthy Breakfast Kids Will Love

Unless you wake up at 5:00AM to prepare a healthy, tasty breakfast for your children before they go to school, you are probably in the same rut as the majority of American families of sugary cereals or processed microwaveable concoctions.  We fell into that family “rut”; sugar-laced cereal, microwaveable pancakes or breakfast sandwiches.  We knew not to read the label because the sticker shock was more than we could handle!  We justified it, because at least it was better than no breakfast at all.

Our boys are very different – the younger one likes to make his own breakfast, he packs his own lunch etc.  The older one rolls out of bed 15 minutes before we walk out the door and when he walks downstairs he assumes an “eat in the car” breakfast will be magically handed to him with a glass of OJ.  Well, we have identified a breakfast alternative that is easy enough that the younger can help prepare and something that can be reheated easily so the older one will actually eat breakfast.





Egg Muffins

Yields 6
Preheat Oven to 350°
6 egg whites + 2 eggs
¼ C Lowfat or Skim Milk
2 TBL your favorite seasoning (we like Fox Point by Penzey’s)

½ C combination of your favorite vegetables and/or meats (this can include diced tomatoes, peppers, onions along with chopped & cooked bacon, sausage or ham)
1/3 C shredded cheese (your favorite - American, Cheddar, Swiss, Feta)

Prepare a muffin pan(non-stick is preferred for easier clean up) with cooking spray.  Whip egg whites, add 2 eggs and continue to whip, add milk and whip again.  Add your favorite seasoning and resume whipping.  Now add your favorite meats and vegetables and fold them in.

Pour the egg mixture into each cup til about ¾ full.  Make sure to stir in between pours to insure that the meat and veggie’s have not settled to the bottom of the bowl.  Evenly distribute the cheese into each cup.

Cook for approximately 20 minutes.  The muffins will rise higher than the cup.  Remove from oven and allow to cool, the muffins will shrink while cooling.  Remove muffins and serve immediately or place in an airtight container in refrigerator.






To reheat – remove 1-2 muffins as needed and place on a microwaveable surface (plate or paper towel work great).  Push the “Sensor Reheat” button, if not on your microwave, simply heat for 30 seconds.

We (my son and I) make these on Sundays and have breakfast for the weekJ

We hope you enjoy this healthy recipe with your family!


Until the next time…

Scott & Heidi

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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