Fresh Foods are Better than Supplements

Fresh Foods are Better than Supplements

We constantly see billboards, newspaper advertisements and television commercials offering the “easy button” for a healthier lifestyle.  Our society seems to be obsessed with finding the easiest way to do everything.  Dr. Oz and Oprah are regularly reviewing and suggesting the latest “magic pill”.  There is no single pill that can provide you all of the nutrients you need to be healthy.  Eating healthy is always the best offering for good health.


Even if the manufacturer claims its pills are made from natural foods the reality is that the food has to be dehydrated, often heated, pulverized and turned into a pill.  This process can alter its nutritional content.  A local dietitian noted, “It’s ironic that people who complain about how processed our foods are will turn to pills for nutrients.  Pills are highly processed products.”


But our society buys the quick fix as is evidenced by the $12 billion-a-year supplements industry.  But studies are beginning to doubt the benefits.


A recent report from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force states that vitamins and minerals don’t seem to be effective at preventing heart disease or cancer.  The report goes on to recommend that Americans instead spend their money on a well-balanced diet.  A 2012 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that omega-3 supplements, thought to be protectors against heart disease, did not reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke, or death from heart disease or other causes.


Actually, some of the compounds the body needs to absorb nutrients may be stripped away in the manufacturing process.  There are phytonutrients, antioxidants and fiber we receive when we eat fruits and vegetables that are lost when processed into a pill.


Most Americans do have a lack of some nutrients and a supplement can help in meeting those nutritional needs.  But, the research is indicating that it needs to be a supplement to a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise, not a replacement.


Talk with your doctor or pharmacist to help you decide if a supplement is needed in your diet, and if so, which one.  A doctor from our local University College of Pharmacy says a multivitamin with calcium and vitamin D is usually a good choice.  But even the best supplements, aren’t as good for you as a diet complete with fresh, healthy food.


It is important for the CoupleCEO to be healthy so as an entrepreneurial couple they can live a strong and productive life.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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