How To Get Super Rich In The Opportunity Market

The author has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has marketed hundreds of informational products. The book is adapted from an audio presentation based on an interview on a radio program. Because of this, the book reads very much as a conversation, his content flows as very candid. It is much more casual than a “How To” book. It is always a sign of a good book when I have my highlighter and tabs with me at all times while reading it!

The book outlines his A-Z Success Formula. We found this to be a simple way to refer back. If a step was particularly helpful, I would tab it and highlight it and can easily refer back to it. There also little nuggets of tips interspersed throughout the Success Formula.

T.J. has made some costly mistakes over his career and is very candid about those and explains how you can avoid making the same mistakes. He is also very humble and gives credit repeatedly to the people who had a huge impact on his success.

We found some of his advice to be a bit old school, but he blends it with some modern day internet advice as well.

A concise, short read at 186 pages – we highly recommend that you add this to your personal development library. You can access it in the Solutions Tab on our home page

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