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6 Ways to Attract Fans to your Facebook Page

One of the most effective social media platforms that will help your business is Facebook. Having a Facebook page will definitely help your business be heard.  Did you know that there are 1.06 Billion active users and about 680 million mobile users on Facebook? Imagine if you got even less than 1% of those to be your fans and be your potential customer. However, in order to attract fans you should find a way to do it effectively. We have listed some ways that can attract your fans.


1. Keep posting regularly

Your Facebook page should have regular content such as blogs, some quotes, images or something that you want your fans to know. But make sure that you don’t post them all at the same time. Have a schedule or try using a social media tool like hootsuite, sprout social or Socialoomph.

2. Have some apps installed on your Facebook.

Design your Facebook page according to your niche. Create a cover page that can suit your business.  Add some tabs. You can put your blog, or you can add your other social media platforms like your Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc. There are a lot of Facebook apps that offer it for free though you can also try Lujure, short stack or woobox.

3. Link your Website

Without linking your website your Facebook page won’t be as effective as you might think.  There are a lot of ways you can link your website. If you are using WordPress there are tons of plug ins you can use for free.  You can also check the Facebook help center for the codes you can use for your website.

4. Use your Twitter account

You can utilize your Twitter account to promote your Facebook page. Send your followers a direct message to let them know that they can also connect with you on Facebook or send your new followers a welcome message that they can also connect with you on Facebook.

5. Organize a contest

Try running a contest, it may not be as big as winning a cruise. It could be just a small token that your fans may like. You can do it on a weekly basis but observe it if you are attracting your fans, if not you can try to be more creative in running it.

6. Recognize your new fans

Welcoming your new fans is treating them like they are special. A little welcome message won’t harm your business, and will do much to let your fans know you appreciate them.

These are some of the ways you can attract fans. However, the most important thing you should remember is to always engage your fans. Engagement is the number one key on how to be successful in the new world of Social Media.


Until next time...

Scott and Heidi