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Does Pinterest Help Businesses

It might be a bit early to know if Pinterest helps businesses, but we are certain that it does not hurt.  So, it only makes sense to add it to your social network of marketing tools.  When you consider that one month last year, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn, it’s a no brainer that your business should be using it.  Below are a few basics about how to set up Pinterest for your business:

Recently, Pinterest has allowed businesses to set up accounts. If you have thought about using Pinterest for business (or have already been using it), the folks over at Pinterest have set up an informative business help section offering some great tips to help manage your account.

If you have been using Pinterest for some time building up your boards and don’t want to recreate the wheel, Pinterest offers you the option of simply converting your existing account to a business one. Too bad Facebook didn’t make it that easy. But, if you prefer, you can create a brand-spanking new account (in case all your recipes and kids’ craft boards aren’t exactly a fit with your business).

When creating the account, you have the opportunity to select your type of business, a Pinterest.com user name, upload an image or logo, add your website URL and provide a 200 character description about your business. Pay particular attention to creating your description and be sure to use key words related to your business as it will be Google and Yahoo searchable.

In the help section you will also find excellent tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest for your business including how to create inspiring boards, highlight specials, how to get creative with pins, build a community, and, most importantly, send traffic your way. For even more tips and ideas, you can follow Pinterest’s own Pinterest for Business Board.

If you feel a bit lost about your Pinterest business strategy (and it’s probably best not to jump in right away with both feet anyway), there are some useful case studies in the section that show you how others are using Pinterest to their advantage.

If you are interested in adding a “Pin It” button or widget to your website or blog to make it easier for people to share your stuff and follow your boards (ultimately sending you traffic), you can find the codehere.

Finally, and this is kind of fun, if you are interested in knowing what people have already been pinning from your site and learn which of your products or content is the most popular, check out your source page! To do this, simply go to pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com to find out!

We hope you found this helpful, feel free to share with others.


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