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To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question!

Most definitely, we would answer To Blog – and build an income stream along the way. There are easy ways to make money blogging. The key is to create content in your Blog that is RELEVANT – That is, Content that is Interesting to someone. It might not be interesting to Everyone, but for that matter, what is? Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to attract viewership. Think of it like a television show – who is tuning in to watch.

One highly recommended source on the topic of Blogging, probably the foremost expert on the subject that we’ve discovered is Jack Humphrey’s Authority Black Book. Check it out yourself at: http://www.authorityblackbook.com/

As the Blog guru David Wood always teaches, “Keep the topic of the blog Laser Targeted” This laser target approach will be summarized by a keyword phrase that can be checked out in terms of its popularity in Google Adwords (see the link below).

Google adword targeting

Once you've landed on a keyword phrase, create one piece of content for that Blog entry. Once you've posted the entry, Google and other search engines get “pinged” and an index is set up and you are on your way! Remember that the more times someone uses that keyword to look up something on Google, they will find your blog at the top (hopefully) of their list.

When viewers find your Blog, that’s when the fun begins.

From here, there’s Affiliate Marketing Strategies to combine into your Blog. But that will be the topic of another day, so stay tuned!

Until the Next Time…

Scott & Heidi

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