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Are You Considering a Home-Based Business

Operating a business has never been easier, from a technology perspective. Operations that previously required an office environment can virtually be handled from home, on the road, or wherever you choose to be. Especially, if you want to start own online business. Your decision!

Computing power is simply the laptop or desktop (or even tablet) of your choice, plenty of hard drive capacity and memory – although assume that it too will be obsolete in a matter of 24 months. Oh well, the declining cost of computing is a given in today’s technology environment, so just enjoy the latest machine today, it’s always replaceable.

Storing information, files, documents, contacts, email, photographs, anything can be handled most efficiently in “the cloud”, that is stored through the internet on a file server that is retrievable with any internet connection. So, take that file you are working on from your laptop, save it to your “cloud server”. Your smart phone is an easy click to retrieve the document. Want to print the file from the smart phone to your wireless printer? - no problem. How about forward the document from the smart phone to a colleague? Or maybe both of you are collaborating on the document, and each one pulls it down to use when they need it.

That presentation needs last minute tweaks before the client presentation? - no problem. Access the file onto your tablet computer and modify the slide with the latest sales numbers. NO large staff to handle the paperwork. NO cumbersome IT department to work through. NO large budget to handle all of these amazing tech toys.

The ability today for someone to start out in a home-based business is more achievable now than ever before. With an economy begging for more jobs, and a workforce frustrated with a business climate that lends uncertainty to one’s present employment situation, harnessing the tool belt of technology to forge ahead with one’s own business endeavor allows the entrepreneur an arsenal to appear like the big guys, but at a fraction of the costs.

Combine aspects like video conferencing and online meeting sites to share computers, even the costs of travel can be minimized as real work can be accomplished through an internet connection. Don’t forget that even the telephone call can be handled through a voice over IP signal, even eliminating the cost of a typical phone bill from the equation.

No time in history has it been a better time to venture out – the uncertainty is in the continuation as an employee than to become your own boss, and be in charge of your own destiny. No time in history has the individual been given technology that allows him to run a business like a major corporation. And no time in history has it been a better time than now to discover one’s true potential. Like the ancient proverb says, “There’s no time like the present.” And as the saying goes, “Carpe diem” – Seize the Day!

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Until next time…

Scott & Heidi