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Why to Create a Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook personal and business pages should remain separate. Your personal page will be your profile page where you interact with friends and family. Your business page will be your Fan page. Hopefully you will have some crossover from your friends and family to your Fan page, but they should remain separate.

The content that you create on these two pages should be different and your style of communication should also be different. The details below should help you to understand more clearly the succinctness of these two pages.

The benefits of a Facebook Fan Page

When you publish content on your Facebook Fan Page, you have a good chance that will be included in search engine results, which may in turn, strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO).

Facebook analytics permits you to measure your effectiveness on Facebook. You will know that your postings are not effective, if for example, you notice that your postings are being hidden from the newsfeeds of one of your fans.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:


Promote upcoming events. If you are holding an event, either in a physical location or online, let your Facebook Fans know about it. Give them as many details as possible to make them want to attend. Allow them to share it with others, if it is not a restricted or “invitation only” event.

Keep them engaged. Don’t just provide information; ask for feedback. Remember that Facebook is a communication tool. No one likes to only be spoken to; they like to communicate two ways. Ask questions; ask for feedback. This shows that you value the opinions, feelings and ideas of your Fans. People love to share their opinions and feelings.


Friend requests. When engaging people to join your fan page, don’t oversell your business. Make it more sincere, tell them it is a good place to get tips and to learn more about various topics. Don’t sell them in the friend request. Also remember to keep your business and personal connections separate.

Don’t ignore your fans. There is definitely a balance you need to achieve when it comes to feedback response. You should consider which comments help you to strengthen your reputation and exposure to your business and share your thoughts with other by responding to those comments. Your responses will generate “dialogue” and discussion, and this will keep people engaged. The more dialogue, the more content will be generated and the more people will pay attention.

To sum it up, remember to be a friend. Facebook is a digital hangout where friends gather to share. Think of your Facebook fan page less as a tool for promoting your business and more as a place where friends feel comfortable to gather and share their enthusiasm about your products, services, and other offerings, and you will be well on your way to doing it right. If it helps to think of it in these terms, operate your business or brand's Facebook presence less like a used auto lot where it seems everyone's always looking out for themselves, and more like the interior of a coffee shop, where people are treated more like guests than they are prospective customers.

We hope you found this to be helpful, if so feel free to share it with others.


Until Next Time…

Scott & Heidi