The Benefits of an E-Learning Video Library for Your Company

The Benefits of an E-Learning Video Library for Your Company
When you want to learn about something, what do you do – you Google it?  Then if there is a video that answers your question, you watch it, right?  That video answers the same question for everyone else that needed the answer too.  But the video was only created once.  That question was only answered once and then it was disseminated.


You can do the same thing in your company for your employees.  How many times do you have employees who come to you and ask the same question?  Think of all of the things a new employee has to learn in their first 30 days – How to use the phone system.  How to access the server.How to work the alarm system.If you are like most small businesses, you do not have an HR department to handle all of these questions.  You – the owner of the company who probably hired that new person, has to answer these questions.


Your time is too valuable – you are the CEO and you need to be doing CEO top-level things, NOT showing someone how to place a conference call.  So here are some suggestions on what videos to place in your E-Learning Video Library:

  • Videos for the new Hire – Identify the 20 most common questions asked by a new employee in their first 30 days.  Make a video answering these questions.  If the average question takes 3 minutes to answer, you have just gained one hour back for every new person hired.  Not to mention, when they forget the answer and ask you a second or third time – now all of the answers are at their desktop!
  • Best Practices Videos – do you have an employee who delivers the sales pitch better than you do?  Make a video of them in action, whether your sales are over the phone, or face-to-face.  Then share that video with your sales team, this is a great way to compliment your sales person and share the way it should be done with others.
  • Share Your Knowledge – hopefully as the CEO of your company, you are reading blogs, books and magazines specific to your industry.  You should share this information with your employees.  Make a video that is a synopsis of new technology and trends that can improve your team’s productivity.  Or shoot a video of you doing a book review of a great book that you want them to read.


An E-Learning Video library has benefits for a variety of people in your company.  It saves time for you as the CEO, or the head of the HR department if you are a larger company.  It provides instant answers for the new hire and that makes them more productive.  It provides new information to the veteran employees who need to be made aware of latest trends and technology.


Have fun creating the E-Learning Video Library for your company!

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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