The Five Do’s & Don’ts for the CoupleCEO at Home

5 dos and donts

Even if you work from home, there is workspace and home space.  By adhering to these simple Do’s and Don’ts, you will be more productive and happier with your spouse

Do's and Don'ts for the Home:


1. Kiss your partner when you come home

Go find your spouse, wherever they are in the house.  Kiss them as a greeting to being home.  This is more important than reading the mail or checking your messages.  You are validating that they are important.

2. Be together during meal preparation as an unwind from the day

Cooking together can be a great way to unwind from your day.  Meal preparation should be a shared experience that separates your workday from being at home.

3. Share home chores similar to sharing work tasks

You manage your business best together, so you should manage your home tasks the same way.  This doesn’t mean that you trip over one another while doing the tasks, but make sure they are evenly dispersed.

4. If office is in home - set a work start and stop time (business hours)

One of the biggest complaints from people who work from home is to differentiate the workspace from the home space.  A good way is to establish your work hours.  This means the house chores of cleaning, laundry or watching TV don’t happen during the work hours.  This will also help for when people “pop” in on you, it will be clear you are working.

5. Play hookie occasionally - make your time freedom

You do not have a boss to report to, you are in control.  So take advantage of it, and take some me time in the middle of the day.  Whatever makes you happy – go see a matinee, take a midday Yoga Class, check out the new exhibit at your local Art Museum. 


1. Talk business at the dinner table

This is THE most important Golden Rule that should never be broken.  When you sit as a family, or just the two of you, devices are put away to avoid distractions and talk about anything BUT business.  There is a lot going on in the world other than business.

2. Discuss work in bed

Nothing can kill intimate moments faster than talking about a customer or something that needs to be done at the office tomorrow while you are cuddling in bed.  This shouldn’t need much explanation – just don’t do it!

3. Bring unresolved spousal work criticism home

If your spouse made an error during the workday, air it out before you get home.  This is a very important rule to keep home and work separate.  If you did not live with your spouse, work discussion would have to wait til tomorrow, have the same respect even though you live in the same house.

4. Create Honey Do lists - share the load and determine the tasks together

You work collaboratively at work, each has tasks, but they are determined together.  Do the same at home, have collaboration to manage the home just as you do in the workplace.

5. Be too rigid with your work day

Enjoy the flexibility of working together and for yourself.  Take a break when you want or need it.  As the stress level rises – get out of the office or house and go for a walk.

These Home Do’s and Don’ts can help you to keep a balance between the home and the work spaces.  The little tips on best ways to communicate and treat your spouse will help to keep your relationship full of love and respect.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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