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Book Review of The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

We must start by telling you, that we are followers of Darren Hardy. We read his magazine Success, faithfully every month and have the Success CD’s in our car for constant personal development.

You might expect by the title that this book would be about how compound interest works. But actually, Darren Hardy very effectively illustrates how a financial principle can be applied to one’s life to have similar results.

The lesson of The Compound Effect is that the routines we create, when compounded over long periods of time, form habits. These habits can lead to positive or negative results. Something as simple as eating a cookie a day or watching a certain amount of TV every day, when compounded over years can add up to a significant sum. For example, choosing to read a little more each day over watching TV, in one year’s time this could equal several books. Many os us know, but Darren Hardy reminds us in the book that cutting out just 125 calories a day when applied over 31 months, equates to over 33 pounds lost in the typical person.

The book breaks down our lives into a small series of decisions. It is presented in the same way, small examples of various people in all walks of life. It reminds us that our lives move at high speeds with little for self-reflection. Hence, the importance of getting the little things right – reading (or listening to) positive and informative books, exercising, etc. We reap direct and indirect rewards, as they have a compound effect.

This book reminds us that it is the little efforts, done repeatedly over time that give us an effect that compounds over time.

We highly recommend this short read, or you can get the book on audio too. You will find yourself making a small change and realizing Your Compound Effect over time.


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