The Spring Break Dilemma

The Spring Break Dilemma

We have been very fortunate over the years and have been blessed with the flexibility to take our boys on some great vacations.  Spring Break often was complete with skiing in Colorado and Utah or a perhaps a relaxing cruise through the Caribbean.  This year we had a dilemma – both boys had commitments on the two weekends anchoring the school’s spring break schedule.


The Spring Break Dilemma



We didn’t want to “squeeze” in a quick trip somewhere just for the sake of going.  We considered renting a place on the beach, but rent that had gotten much pricier since the last time we did it.  So we sat down with the boys and asked them if we should go to the beach or get the heater fixed in our pool and have a Staycation.   They quickly confirmed that getting the heater fixed was a more long-term investment and they loved the idea.  We even committed to giving the pool area a serious cleaning (see photo).


Most kids today are so used to being over-programmed that they don’t really know how to relax.  The anxiety level in teens has been increasing steadily over the past two decades.  When I googled “anxiety in teens” for this article, there are websites and organizations exclusively for this topic.  I was expecting blog articles within mainstream magazines, but found sites dedicated exclusively to this topic.


Spring Break2


The heater was installed in time for the first weekend, so we began with an evening of family relaxation in the hot tub.  Conversations ensued and it was a perfect beginning to a laid back break.  The first Monday of break was a rainy day and our son Seth couldn’t have been happier to be able to sit in the house and relax.  Every night, either before or after dinner was complete with Hot Tub time.  We even did some touristy things right here in our hometown that we had never done before.  Including a ropes course complete with a zipline experience.


One of the joys of being a CoupleCEO is to have the flexibility of combining work and play with your family.  I also believe that the fact that our children can enjoy a Staycation without being over-programmed is partly due to the lifestyle we enjoy as an entrepreneurial couple working together.


Very proud of our family for understanding the value of a dollar as we got through our Spring Break dilemma.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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