What is a CoupleCEO?

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When most people consider the definition of the word “Couple” they think of two, a pair.  According to both dictionary.com and Merriam-webster.com this is the first definition.  But if you look further to some of the additional definitions you find “two equal and opposite forces that act along parallel lines.”  This is the definition that resonates with us in our explanation of the term CoupleCEO.


Let’s break it down:

“two equal” – this is very important when a couple comes together to run a business.  They need to understand and respect that this is your mantra – you are two people working equally to make your business successful.  It does not matter if He is the doctor and She is the office manager – the equal goal is to make the business a success.  He has to administer the best care and earn referrals for the business to succeed.  She needs to make the appointment and payment processes customer friendly so that the customer is happy and they get referrals.

“opposite forces” – the best couples have opposite but complimenting strengths.  My favorite metaphor is that of mowing the lawn.  Each of you is capable of pushing the mower, but if you push it together you are wasting energy.  You will be most productive if one pushes and the other bags the clippings.  The tasks are equally important for the job to get done efficiently.

“act along parallel lines” –as a couple you are working side-by-side on the same road to success.  The CoupleCEO is working in concert together and at the same pace.  If you are not parallel, you are not in balance.

Two people working as the head of the company is better than one

There is nothing better than a couple working in concert together to advance their company forward.  Two is always better than one.  The old adage “two heads are better than one,” is certainly true. The uniqueness with a CoupleCEO is that each person has an equally vested interest in the success of the company.  Employees can be loyal, and might even have profit sharing to keep them even more motivated about the success.  But it is not their company; they did not start this company from the ground up.  As a CoupleCEO, the motivations are equal and the division of duties can ebb and flow as needed.  Neither partner has an “employee” attitude.

Two strengths are better than one

It is extremely important that a CoupleCEO have a clear outline of their strengths and weaknesses.  In the early stages of the company growth (when it’s just the two of you working from home) you have to share the load just the two of you so you need to know who is best at what responsibilities.  But it will prove to be an important understanding later when you grow and start to hire employees too. Then you will also know what weaknesses you share and can easily identify what position your first hire should be.

Two Share the Ups and Downs Together

Remember when you were a kid in Elementary school and you gave your first speech in front of the class and the kids applauded and your teacher told you, “Great Job!”?  You couldn’t wait to get home and tell your Mom or Dad all about it, right?  That same joy permeates with CoupleCEOs as they get big, or little, wins in their company.  Sharing that with a friend as a youngster or a Manager in your company is not the same as sharing it with family.  You know as a child that your parents are vested in your success, just as your CoupleCEO partner does in your business.

A CoupleCEO works together in concert to build their company from the beginning.  They share duties and understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses.  They relish the good times together and rally from the down times hand-in-hand.  A CoupleCEO are strongest because they are a Couple first, working in tandem as a CEO.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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