Your Customer Doesn’t Know What They Want


What is marketing, really? Is it just that catchall bucket of bells and whistles a business has to inform the consumer about its offerings to its customersin an attempt to gain another sale for the good of the company’s revenues?

When it comes to selling what you make or what you do, it doesn’t really matter what YOU want. The only thing that truly matters is what your customer wants.  And ironically, what he wants, he doesn’t really know he wants!  Because everything that we purchase, everything that we want to buy, it all comes from deep down in our subconscious thoughts.

So, if 95% of all our purchase decision-making takes place in our subconscious mind, how do we understand what our customers want and why they want it?

Because the customer is making his decisions at a subconscious level, he is responding with his emotions.  How does he view your product or service?  Is he pleased, satisfied, unhappy, frustrated, neglected, submissive, interested, important, in control, safe, valued, or happy?

Understanding your target customer’s demographics is important – who they are, from their age, gender, income, and location, but delving into the psychographics seeks to answer the questions of why your customer buys what you make.  What are their attitudes, opinions and personality traits that motivate them to buy what they do?

Through the explosion of the Internet universe surrounding our lives, we can unlock unique subcultures, or “tribes” of individuals that care about a specific thing, an interest, a cause, or an idea.  Something that will resonate with that particular group on what you are selling.

Here is an example of how identifying the psychographic can help your business: You determine that the group that is passionate about healthy organic fruits has a strong affinity with Bluegrass music, attends monthly festivals, and participates in traditional folk music blogs.You can utilize this information to combine these various behavioral elements in context to reach their psychographic target.  Now you can look at advertising on particular music content or music festival sites or begin to integrate these new topics into your social media strategies.

Perhaps over time, you can begin to build a more sophisticated profile and targeting strategy by identifying stronger customer buying behaviors with certain Bluegrass bands or specific music festivals.  So by including these psychographic elements into your targeting strategies, your marketing efforts can truly lead to greater profits.

Knowing your customers requires listening skills too often forgotten by the entrepreneurial community.  By listening to their needs, and understanding what a customer really wants, you may be innovative in providing a product or service that they didn’t even know they wanted!  Think of the innovation of Apple Computer, from the iPod, to the iPhone, to the iPad.  Clearly these products went beyond what its customers wanted, but simply addressed what they REALLY wanted.

Every innovation in the history of the world combined an uncanny understanding of human needs and the innovative vision to deliver it.  Reach into your customer’s needs beyond the present and discover the possibilities.

Posted By Scott and Heidi Shimberg


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